Why Linux


Another persistent claim in the world of computing is “Linux has better performance …”uh! but what is better performance? Who is it for better performance? Perhaps the magic words that spring to mind are speed and efficiency right? Well, the operating system is proud penguin performance due to several factors: Modularity The penguin operating system […]

Why Linux


One of the strengths of GNU / Linux and perhaps one of the aspects of what more “glory” Linux users is operating system security. The first thing to consider is to say “safe” is not the same as saying impossible to understand? … in other words, like any other Linux operating system is also susceptible […]

Why Linux

Why Linux?

Each operating system has its advantages and disadvantages, however, Linux is becoming far more real alternative and closer to the end user, highlighting the following benefits: Security: Linux is an very strong operating system, with extraordinary security ( that is why Linux is most often used in servers and PCs running mission-critical applications ) . […]


Install Linux Mint

Linux Mint is an elegant, easy to use, up to date and comfortable GNU/Linux desktop distribution. Write Linux Mint Setup to a USB Stick or DVD. If you haven’t done so already, read my article  How to Install Linux from USB to see how to get Linux Mint, how to put it on a USB stick for […]


BlindElephant Web Application Fingerprinter

BlindElephant : The Web Application Fingerprinter BlindElephant tries to find the version of a web application (known) by comparing static files at known locations against precomputed hashes for versions of the files of all versions available. The technique is fast, low bandwidth, non-invasive, generic and highly automated. BlindElephant is a Python-based tool used for Web Application Fingerprinting. […]