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If you like sublime text like minimalist text editors, Atom could be an interesting choice. I imagine that you will already know it or you’ve already heard it there, Atom is a text editor for developers which was created by Github having a full integration with this famous version control for obvious reasons.

Atom is now in version 1.4.x and now want to tell you about some of its main features.

Multi platform.

One of the most outstanding features is that it is cross – platform, meaning that runs on Linux, Windows and OSX. This has been possible because their core is based on web technologies in conjunction with Electron.



Atom allows you to install packages so you increase its capabilities, also allows you to develop your own. You can find an endless number of packages at
Atom IDE
Atom IDE

Auto complete

Like most, Atom includes a wonderful “autocomplete”, allowing you to develop in a way more agile.

File Navigation System

Atom manages an excellent file browser so that you can open either a single file or a whole directory.

Multiple panels

If you have only one screen this feature can help you a lot because you can divide your screen with multiple panels to display different files at the same time, you can split your screen either horizontally or vertically.

No doubt Atom has gained enough ground between developers, and is having a back-up to Github makes it much more interesting and impossible to miss it.
As I said at the beginning, if you are one of the developers who like to use a minimalist IDE this can be one that is worthwhile to try. If you want to download it you can do it HERE .

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