Beware the bait: Hotspots.

For many, a generosity which leaves them comfortable, and for some others it is a fishing pole information. The bait: a hotspot.

A hotspot is a wireless access point that is freely accessible without password through, and obviously not many netizens let pass by without connecting to revise its messaging, chat with friends or to do some operation of home banking. And this has been increasing more and more, because it asks us technology . Many applications work with Internet through, and too many devices such as tablets, cell phones or our laptop behave as our connection to the outside.

But eye! This is not completely secure. Today, hackers take advantage of this social action and place the hook of its own hotspot, offering internet or even mocking the insecurity of these networks, as lamentably business and those that offer free, rarely care These safety . And it does not end here. The attacks are easy to make and any attacker with little knowledge does show through. Besides insecurity increases when our device saves the network as reliable connection every time we pass by it, sign in again. One of the techniques used it is to place a small device like a cell phone or a tablet as AP, in places of high density and from there, or computer to capture all data passed, creating the famous MITM -Man In the Middle-. In addition to capture passwords and users who use the poor victims, which also manage to capture and send emails or files .

Wireshark_screenshotBut be careful Internet, your information is at risk . And mostly because the masses do not care and not always believe the victim. Always concerned is the other. Do not put chips in the innocencia, and especially be cautious . It is always better to wait to get a secure network and really known than risk losing data to a stranger who does not want us privacy and security.

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