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A Trojan for Linux

A new threat to Linux users is added. The emergence of new malware for this operating system seems to be increasingly become common. Now is the turn of a new Trojan, which although it was recently detected, is already beginning to talk about how it might affect all users of Linux. The new threat is […]

Hacking Linux

Beware the bait: Hotspots.

For many, a generosity which leaves them comfortable, and for some others it is a fishing pole information. The bait: a hotspot. A hotspot is a wireless access point that is freely accessible without password through, and obviously not many netizens let pass by without connecting to revise its messaging, chat with friends or to […]

Hacking Linux

What is CIPE?

Crypto IP Encapsulation (CIPE) CIPE is a VPN implementation developed primarily for Linux. CIPE uses encrypted IP packets that are encapsulated, or “wrapped” in packets (UDP) datagram. A CIPE packets are given a header with destination information and is encrypted using an encryption mechanism CIPE. The packets are then transferred over IP as UDP packets […]


Samsung Galaxy S4 is vulnerable to hackers

According to Israeli-Ben-Gurion University security researchers, the most popular and secure Smart phone Samsung Galaxy S4 is not “so-secure” from Hackers. The much-vaunted enterprise software Samsung Knox is the security software basically the “Container” in Samsung Galaxy S4 which prevents from unauthorized access but this container is vulnerable to hackers. They break the security breaches. The reported security hole can get at your email, personal […]


Passwords stolen from Facebook and Google are published

About two million passwords of different sites were published in various Internet forums MEXICO CITY (05/DIC/2013) -. Approximately two million passwords from sites like Yahoo!, Facebook and even Google . were posted on various Internet forums, according to a note by BBC News In this publication indicate that action could be for a criminal group that got hits by introducing malicious […]


Anonymous hacks page presidency Peru

A cyber activist Saturday night hacked the website to criticize the political class that runs the country LIMA, PERU (17/NOV/2013) -. a cyber activist group Anonymous hacked Peru Saturday night the website of the Peruvian Presidency to criticize politicians who run the country, local media reported today. On page presidencia.gob.pe , which broadcasts the activities of the ruling Ollanta […]