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If you like sublime text like minimalist text editors, Atom could be an interesting choice. I imagine that you will already know it or you’ve already heard it there, Atom is a text editor for developers which was created by Github having a full integration with this famous version control for obvious reasons. Atom is now in version […]

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Meet the Google Project Tango

A few years ago it was fascinating being able to take videos or pictures with your mobile phone, virtually anywhere. The camera of your smartphone is already used everyday for all the activities that we want to capture in our mobile memory. Now What else can our mobile camera do apart from taking photographs or […]

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A Trojan for Linux

A new threat to Linux users is added. The emergence of new malware for this operating system seems to be increasingly become common. Now is the turn of a new Trojan, which although it was recently detected, is already beginning to talk about how it might affect all users of Linux. The new threat is […]

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Beware the bait: Hotspots.

For many, a generosity which leaves them comfortable, and for some others it is a fishing pole information. The bait: a hotspot. A hotspot is a wireless access point that is freely accessible without password through, and obviously not many netizens let pass by without connecting to revise its messaging, chat with friends or to […]

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What is CIPE?

Crypto IP Encapsulation (CIPE) CIPE is a VPN implementation developed primarily for Linux. CIPE uses encrypted IP packets that are encapsulated, or “wrapped” in packets (UDP) datagram. A CIPE packets are given a header with destination information and is encrypted using an encryption mechanism CIPE. The packets are then transferred over IP as UDP packets […]