Top 10: The Best Open Source Projects 2015

Each year page makes a count of the most amazing and interesting projects that have emerged in the world of Open Source in the last 12 months. This year was no exception, and it is our duty to inform and explain with much enthusiasm to the members of our community which are the highlights of this year in various fields.

Apache Spark:


The reason that Apache Spark enters the top 10 is because it has become one of the projects of processing large datas in Open Source more actively. By 2014 it already had 414 employees !, but the project has become so interesting that is gaining more and more contributors.

Basically it’s an engine that allows us to process huge amounts of data from many nodes, i.e can run multiple parallel transactions from the same data set. Earlier this year announced a new world record in data processing achieved by Apache Spark, 100 TB of data in just 23 minutes, sticking lead to other projects on the subject such as Hadoop.


Modeling for video games Blender
Modeling for video games Blender

Blender was originally distributed without source code, then became part of the Free Software world, becoming one of the most interesting Open Source programs this year, and that drives young artists to develop projects of high quality . In fact it has been used in films such as Spiderman 2 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier to pre-visualizations.

So, if your passion is design, this is the right program for you. Blender allows us to make three-dimensional graphics. model them, adjust lighting, rendering them, digitally paint them and bring them to life through animation.

Other points in its favor is that it also works as a video editor and  has a game engine which can help develop inner video games.

Currently it supports all Windows, Solaris, IRIX, Mac OS X versions, FreeBSD and GNU / Linux . That is, it is practically available to any user.


D3 is described as " a JavaScript library to produce dynamic and interactive displays data in web browsers. "
D3 is described as ” a JavaScript library to produce dynamic and interactive displays data in web browsers. “

Serves as a tool to web browsers to display large amounts of information in an interactive manner, thus helping users to understand easily and results are displayed in a a more organic way. You can display data in tables, charts, maps, and graphics.

Thanks to the convenience it offers. To the view of users it has become one of the tools most commonly used in numerous preferences this year

Dolphin File Manager:


If you are one of those people who like to keep everything well organized, Dolphin is for you. The application has become very useful and a favorite for managing files in this year, thanks to its quick and easy to use interface, which was not easy because of the strong competition that exists in this field.

It lets users locate a specific file, open it, delete it or move it. It also organizes the files so you can create / delete / move folders through its interface.

An excellent contribution developed by the team responsible for KDE!



Git is a tool for version control that has become very popular since its creation.

This year it stands out because of the benefits obtained from it. the contribution of more than 280 programmers to Git improve and provide the user command, control and efficiency every time you want to perform a new version, new codes or changes to existing files . Another advantage is that you can upload files to the cloud through the repository GitHub .

So if you were in search of a tool for version control that makes your life much easier to advance while you develop a project, Git is there for you.



If you need a modern tool that facilitates fluency in communication with your colleagues, Mattermost (still in beta) has become one of the most used for “team chat” in so far this year . It is a good alternative to Slack, allowing users to chat with other privately or publicly, offers a very good backup for files. If you are really adapted to Slack interface. it is very similar and will not cost much “moving”; in fact you can import files belonging to Slack easily because it has a function for it.

And if that were not enough, supports uploading videos, sounds and images from your mobile phone!



Piwik is an application to measure, collect, report and track the birthplace of online visits of the data belonging to one or more web pages in order to analyze traffic searches performed by users on pages for research market that can help improve and increase the effectiveness of a website.

Piwik is used in 1.3% of all existing websites and has been translated into more than 45 languages. Thus this year it is consolidated as a favorite for the area of web analytics .



Today, one of the standard programming languages ​​used by users interested in the field of statistical computing and graphics . Considered one of the main tools for data mining and predictive analysis and testing of machine learning. Virtually any Data Scientist would name it in his arsenal!

This year it secured a position in the top 10 of because it compiles and runs on a wide range of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS. In addition, the large number of packets are constantly being developed to enhance and extend its functionality.



SugarCRM is becoming the leading platform for administering and managing the customer relationshipas it facilitates the sales process, opportunities business to attract new customers or retain existing ones. It offers the opportunity to be installed on your own server or you can be in the cloud, which is great.

It is also compatible with any mobile device because it has an application for iOS and Adroid .


If we talk about a tool that provides a virtual environment resources (through libraries of tools). Vagrant has nothing to envy to others, because this year it is positioned as a leader in your area. It is used for the development, launch and configuration of virtual machines . One advantage of Vagrant is that it can be used in various projects written in other languages, such as PHP, Python, Java, C # and JavaScript.

The data characterizing the environment are stored in text files, thereby being able to add different libraries without modifying the base version of the environment or the codes that define the project.

I am late but its never too late. :p Happy New Year 2016! May this new year bring us progress and prosperity for the whole Open Source community

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